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Pontiac 400 455 4340 Forged Steel Crankshaft ST-4.25 M-3.25 RJ-2.200 RMS-2Pc Ext

MPN: PCE276.1140 UPC: 840136529774
These PCE crankshafts are made from the same strong aircraft-quality forging as standard-weight cranks, but have profiled counterweights for less weight. PCE lightweight crankshafts are perfect for engines wanting quicker rpm. These crankshafts feature profiled aero-wing counterweights and have straight shot and chamfered oil holes. PCE crankshafts are nitride-hardened, with large radii on all journals for superior wear resistance, and use lightening holes in all rod throws.
US $965.30 US $1,135.70


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