Loyalty Program®

Unlock / Save / Enjoy

Earn points to climb tiers and enjoy benefits such as access to special offers and discounts, advance notice of events and promotions and more. Everyone starts with Red Status and can rise through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black and Vibranium. As you ascend, you become entitled to more valuable privileges. To see how your points are tracking, just login to Your Account.

Earning Points

Every dollar you spend instore or online with Speedmaster will earn you points towards more savings. The points you earn are linked to your membership status. You can check how many Points you have collected in the current calendar year by signing in to your Speedmaster account**.

The product detail page displays the amount of points you will earn and any points multiplier promotion if available.

Single PointsDouble PointsTriple Points

*Sinlge Points: $1=1pt; Double Points: $1=2pts & Triple Points: $1=3pts.
** New earned points can take up to 24hrs to display on your account page.

Tier benefits

With six membership tiers above our entry level Red, we have lots of ways to reward members. As you move through each tier you will receive more benefits and unlock new features. Discover all the benefits you could enjoy of each tier below.

Welcome to the team.

When you create an account you start with Red Tier Status, giving you instant access to a better purchasing experience. Including Faster order checkout, modification, tracking and return initiation. Freedom to create, store and manage multiple wish lists, shopping carts and gift certificates.

A rewarding status.

Bronze tier is where your savings start, giving you access to the Club® Price, plus all the benefits of Red tier status.

A higher level of enjoyment and reward.

When you achieve Silver tier status, you can look forward to additional benefits. Every interaction at Jobber® Pricing becomes more enjoyable and rewarding whilst getting closer to the the impressive Gold tier status.

An impressive standard for growth, ease and privilege.

Our Gold tier status members enjoy all the benefits of silver and an array of extra privileges beyond those offered to Red, Bronze Silver tiers. Enjoy access to trade shows and track days, whilst our account mangers manage your exclusive WD® Pricing, data feeds and reporting.

Highly exclusive privilege, service and recognition.

As a highly valued member, we offer a unique 1:1 customer experience whilst enjoying all the benefits of Red, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Easier path to sales and success with exclusive services, rewards and privileges.

Unsurpassed service, privilege and recognition.

As our top tier membership level, Black members are rewarded with the ultimate level of personalized service. All the benefits of Red, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum apply, including bespoke services, rewards and privileges that make each transaction a special experience and absolute pleasure.

Tier 4
Tier 3
Tier 2
Tier 1
Tier 0
Tier V
Potential Savings^-$1,200+ $12,000+$90,000+************-
Discount Level+-Club PriceJobber PriceWD Price******************
Support Access
Account Manager--- Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
DropShip Feen/a$5$5WaivedWaivedWaived-
Marketing Rebate#--- Limited Limited
Trade Show Access#--- VIP VIP VIP
Track Day Access#--- VIP VIP VIP
Product Beta Testing#---
Early Access to Cars#------

^ Potential savings are calculated based on tier status spent requirements and average discount given compared to MSRP/MAP Price
+ You must be logged-in to access your tier status pricing.
# For extra details you must contact your account manager.

Moving up a Tier

As you earn and accumulate Points, you will upgrade through our tiers. Each tier has a required number of Points and special requirements you must meet. The benefits of your new tier are valid from the moment you unlock it and will carry on towards the next calendar year where you will need to accumulate enough points to retain the tier status before the end of year evaluation. Points and special requirements for each tier can be found on the below table.

Retain Tier Status

Once you achieve a tier status, you will be kept for 1 calendar year locked on that tier status and you will need to earn the required Points for that same tier, within the calendar year, to retain the same tier status (evaluation for tier status retention happens at the end of every calendar year).

Tier StatusPoints*Special Requirements**
Bronze6,000 -
Platinum300,000 Invite Only
Black1,800,000Invite Only
Vibranium-Reserved for Speedmaster Car Owners

*The qualifying Points must be earned within a calendar year to attain or retain Tier Status.
**Special requirements must be met in addition to the required points