Speedmaster Extended Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind

Speedmaster provides simple, peace-of-mind protection for the products you love. Speedmaster Extended Warranty bundles your product with an affordable, stress-free protection plan—so your stuff is covered, even after manufacturer warranties expire.

Use your product freely and without worry. We have you covered!

With Speedmaster Extended Warranty your purchase is protected until:

Manufacturer's Warranty

Speedmaster™ Extended Warranty

*This plan begins as soon as the manufacturer's warranty, typically 1 year, expires, and lasts for the number of years you select. Actual offers may vary by product.

Terms & Conditions

Plan Details

Accidental Damage (ADH) Coverage: No
Service Type: Product Replacement or Repair
Deductible: $0

Plan Summary

What's covered?

Good news! Your product is protected from defects and breakdowns caused by normal wear and tear. Extend plans cover your product above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty. This plan does not cover accidental damage, or damage caused by abuse or misuse, so be nice to your stuff.

When is it covered?

Your Extend protection plan begins as soon as the manufacturer's warranty expires, and lasts for the number of years you select for purchase. For example, let's say that on January 1, 2020 you purchased a product with a one-year manufacturer's warranty and also selected a three-year extended warranty. Your manufacturer's warranty would cover your product through January 1, 2021, and your extended warranty plan would protect your product an additional three years through January 1, 2024!

How do I file a claim?

We're always happy to help! Just reach out to us through our online channels for immediate service: Contact Us. You can also get in touch by calling at (310) 361-0020.